Month: April 2023

The golden rules of investing

10 fundamentals you need for investing success

Everyone has a different idea of what money means to them. Having a financial plan can help you get where you want to be. The reality is that investors who make the effort to plan for the future are more likely to take the steps necessary to achieve their financial goals.

Roadmap for success

An important step to take on the path to financial stability

Wherever we find ourselves on life’s journey, we all have different reasons for the choices we make in life. And some of the most personal decisions we make will involve money. Early retirement. Buying a property. Saving for a child’s education.

Financial jargon

7 out of 10 adults are puzzled by financial matters lingo

Being informed about financial matters is essential to making sound decisions and staying in control of your money. Unfortunately, many people feel confused by the jargon used in financial discussions and services.

Protecting income

17% of self-employed workers would choose to carry on working through illness or injury

Many adults understand the need for financial resilience and taking out insurance to protect their incomes in case of sickness or accident. However, too many self-employed people do not have any cover to help them should they be unable to work and are increasingly likely to choose to carry on working despite illness or injury.