Month: October 2021

Are you financially prepared for a baby?

Focusing on your baby and their financial future

Becoming a parent for the first time is exciting, unpredictable, and of course, a little daunting. For some new parents it can also be overwhelming. Suddenly, you are not only responsible for your self, but another person who depends on you for everything. It also forces you to address financial issues you may not have had to focus on in the past.

Drawing a bigger state pension

How healthy you are and what tax rate are you currently paying?

You don’t automatically receive your state pension, you have to claim it. You have the option to either claim your state pension or delay it by deferring claiming your pension income that you are due.

Top pension tips if you’re about to retire

Understanding your options and putting a plan in place 

We spend our working lives building towards retirement. Choices we make today will have a big impact on the quality of our lives later on. If you only have a handful of years to go until you reach your retirement, it has never been more important to understand your options and put a plan in place – now could be a good time to re-evaluate your plans with us.