Month: June 2021

Pension lifetime allowance

How to stay within the limit to avoid a tax charge

If you’ve been diligently saving into a pension throughout your working life, you should be entitled to feel confident about your retirement. But, unfortunately, the best savers sometimes find themselves inadvertently breaching their pension lifetime allowance (LTA) and being charged an additional tax that erodes their savings.

Boost your pension savings

Planning to achieve your retirement goals sooner

Are you ‘mid or late career’ or planning to retire within ten years? If the answer’s ‘yes’, then you probably want to know the answers to these questions: Will I be able to retire when I want to? Will I run out of money? How can I guarantee the kind of retirement I want?

Minimum pension age to increase

Age change to when people can start taking pension savings

The government has confirmed that it plans to increase the minimum pension age at which benefits under registered pension schemes can generally be accessed, without a tax penalty, from age 55 to age 57 commencing 6 April 2028.

The Bank of Grandma and Grandpa

How to give a helping hand financially to your grandchildren

For many years, adult children have been relying on the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ for financial help, to gain a further education or get on the property ladder. But even as they start their own families, it’s increasingly common for these adults to count on their parents’ wealth to secure the lifestyle they want for their children.